Meet the Business Owner

Dan E.
  Daniel Ellis

   I’m the owner of Brockton Firearms Academy, my firearms experience started when I was approximately six years old.

Over the years I’ve spent countless hours on the range honing my skills & participating in shooting events. I’ve been a

Firearms Instructor certified by the National Rifle Association, Massachusetts State Police & Rhode Island since 2012.

Teaching others to SAFELY handle & use firearms is not only my job it’s my passion.

Why He Does, What He Does

   Brockton Firearms Academy was established in 2012, after speaking with family & friends who attended firearm safety

courses held by instructors who just didn’t care about properly educating their students! These students were given

incorrect, out-of-date information & didn’t look at let alone touch a real gun. After this I tasked myself with a goal,

become a certified instructor & provide my students with quality courses that are up-to-date, accurate & more informative

than other instructors! B.F.A. works hard to keep as updated & accurate as possible. In my courses you will fire or handle

REAL pistols, not plastic FAKES or play cheap simulation games!